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‘Pasión por el flamenco’ documentary to be screened in Chicago

Badajoz Council has presented the documentary ‘Pasión por el flamenco’ on occasion of the 10th anniversary of UNESCO designation of flamenco as Intangible Cultural Heritage. This film will be screened at the Chicago Flamenco Festival 2020

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Extremadura is taking giant leaps when it comes to promoting flamenco. Besides officially declaring this art genre as Community’s Cultural Heritage, now Extremadura will take its palos flamencos to the Chicago Flamenco Festival 2020 with the documentary Pasión por el flamenco. This initiative of Badajoz Council aims to celebrate the 10th anniversary of UNESCO designation of this genre as Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The documentary — seventy minutes in length — was created with the collaboration of twenty-six people, among them cantaores, bailaores, guitarists, flamencologists, etc. People who speak about the flamenco essence of Extremadura in general and of Badajoz in particular.

The film is scheduled to be broadcasted on Canal Extremadura Televisión in the next few days and it will be screened at the online version of the Chicago Flamenco Festival to take place in February, organized by Instituto Cervantes.

«With this work, we want to attest our eternal gratitude to all those who have stood up and elevated flamenco in our province», stated Ricardo Cabezas, first vice president of the Council, in the presentation of this documentary. «Its 26 collaborators are an essential part of flamenco in Badajoz and of Extremadura’s living history», he pointed.

This is just one more proof of support for this artistic expression in all its forms. Like the renowned Festival Flamenco Porrina, in Badajoz, which was going to hold its 19th edition in 2020 but had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. «But it will be held in 2021 for sure», stated Ricardo Cabezas.

On the other hand, the Flamenco Passion Circuit took place as scheduled. It consisted of 16 performances at the province’s different peñas flamencas, chosen, like the artists, by the Federación Extremeña de Peñas Flamencas.

Cantaora Esther Merino also took place in the documentary’s presentation, pointing out that culture was one of the sectors more seriously affected by the pandemic. «We have been lucky to have the support of Badajoz Council», she said. She also wanted to make clear that culture was safe, since there has been no Covid cases linked to peñas flamencas or theaters. «As one of our masters once said, hardships must be endured in order to sing well», she added.




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