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Flamenco Feria takes place in Renens in 2022

The Swiss town of Renens organises a Flamenco Feria in June 2022. A festival that will feature artists such as Isabel Amaya, Rafael de Huelva, and Alfredo Palacios, among others.

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Switzerland has a taste for flamenco. When we say that flamenco art is an ‘intangible cultural heritage of humanity’, it is precisely due to its ability to cross borders and reach all cultures. The Swiss town of Renens which belongs to the Canton of Vaud has scheduled its Flamenco Feria for June 18th and 19th of 2022.


This is the 10th edition of this Feria, which has been postponed for two seasons due to the pandemic. It is an event that shows the very best of flamenco in Switzerland. Its program is divided into two days, Saturday 18th of June and Sunday 19th of June 2022.


On the first day, the evening will hold performances by Isabel Amaya, Elena Vicini, Sylvia, and Antonio Perujo, as well as Las Chicas Flamencas as the opening acts. They will be accompanied by singers Rafael de Huelva and Juan Granados, and guitarists Alfredo Palacios and Puchero.


On the second and final day, dancers, musicians, and flamenco lovers will come together at 12 noon. The day will include a contest of sevillianas dance, as well as other musical shows, a flamenco boutique, student showcases, entertainment for children and for lunch, and a giant paella.


It is a production of Al-Andalus, the company of Antonio and Sylvia Perujo which has the support of the Renens City Council. The price of the festival on Saturday is 45 Swiss francs for adults and 30 for students, the unemployed and children over twelve years of age. Children under twelve enter free. The Sunday Fair has a single price of 15 Swiss francs and children under twelve continue to enter for free.


You can find all the information about the event as well as ticket sales on its official website.

Flamenco Feria Program 2022 Renens

Saturday 18th of June.


Dance: Isabel Amaya, Elena Vicini, Flamenco Girls, Sylvia and Antonio Perujo.


Voices: Rafael de Huelva, Juan Granados.


Guitar: Alfredo Palacios, Puchero.


Sunday 19th of June.

Feria with dance showcases, animations for children, sevillanas contest, flamenco shop and Spanish gastronomic tasting.


Translation by Sally Erritsos-Dulson





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