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Sponsorships and Donations


ExpoFlamenco.com is an independent, non-profit organization that works to promote the flamenco art form and its culture throughout the world. We offer an online place to inform and connect millions of flamenco lovers together and help promote flamenco and non-formal artists everywhere.

What we do works – Since 2015, our collaborators and team have contributed thousands of hours and dollars to bring flamenco to everyone through hundreds of articles, interviews, videos, translations and more .

We have donations, graphic advertising and subscriptions to member services. Any income for costs goes back to the promotion and expansion of love for flamenco around the world. Our small online team ensures that even the smallest contributions are useful.

You can help by donating now with this form! Consider making your contribution on a monthly basis, this will help keep ExpoFlamenco working all year.



Flamenco Artists and Musicians

Do you have sponsors for your artistic creations or shows that you would like to thank or thank through ExpoFlamenco? Contact us here.

Sponsors and Supporters of Flamenco
Do you have a specific flamenco project or show that you want to support in your area? We can help you connect or send funds on your behalf. Contact us here Terms and conditions may apply.