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It is peculiar that flamenco, a musical genre (or rather, a Cultural Heritage), with its roots in forgotten, marginalized and poor Andalusian Gypsy communities, is nowadays widely known and much beloved all around the world. It would not be an exaggeration to say that every human being on the planet with a moderate cultural level has heard about flamenco and acknowledges it as the quintessential Spanish artistic expression. However, flamenco is now at a crossroads. From its enigmatic beginnings, flamenco has now become globalized. Most of the world’s great cities (and many smaller ones, too) have communities of flamenco artists and fans.

This globalization has inevitably pushed flamenco into popular and commercial culture, and this has caused flamenco to sometimes mix or merge with other artistic forms, such as jazz, classical music or even rock. It is true that every musical genre is dynamic and in constant evolution, but it is also true that such evolution and dynamism tends to push aside pure and original forms into oblivion. Today there is an intense debate between purists and those artists and fans who are more adventurous and tolerant of change, about the merits of new forms and trends in flamenco. We will not take sides in this debate, but we believe that it is important to have a space to share ideas and knowledge, from the history and roots of flamenco, its styles and its complex cultural background, to techniques of flamenco guitar, singing and dancing. Old school and new too. Our goal, then, is to provide this virtual space.



One particularity of Flamenco communities in the world, with the exception of those in Spain, is that they are often isolated from each other. We hope that ExpoFlamenco will alleviate this isolation, allowing communities and flamenco fans of the world to get in touch, sharing their passions, their joys and their frustrations, preserving and enriching the incomparable cultural heritage of flamenco.

We love flamenco at ExpoFlamenco.com and we love to interact with flamenco lovers all over the world. That’s why we have built a place for flamenco enthusiasts so they can get to know artists, professionals and support organizations. It is a victory for all.

The team that works with Expoflamenco.com is passionate about flamenco and its culture. Therefore, our financial model works on a cost recovery basis. Any income withheld on operating costs and current development apply to future projects designed to promote flamenco and support the Flamenco communities. Thus, supporting Expoflamenco.com through advertising with us, becoming a member, participating in our services, providing their time or simply making a donation, is helping the artists and communities of flamenco and ensuring that flamenco grows throughout the world.


We believe that flamenco has the power to promote peace and understanding in the world. We provide a virtual space for all flamenco fans and their communities, with the aim of sharing and promoting flamenco locally and globally.


​To facilitate interaction and communication between amateurs, professionals, students, shops and Flamenco organizations with the aim of preserving and promoting the best of flamenco art.

Expoflamenco Team

​→ Founder and Public relations
Cantaora, dreamer
Vancouver, Canada

→ Content Director
Flamenco critics and experiences
​La Puebla del Río, Andalusia

→ Writing in Jerez
Interviews with rhythm
Jerez, Spain

Estela’s blog
Writer, researcher, artist
Jerez, Spain

​→ Business Development
Leading the dream
Vancouver, Canada

→ ​Translations
Aspiring flamencologist
Vancouver, Canada

→ Flamenco Art Chronicles
Flamenco dancer
Madrid, Spain

Web Management + Digital Marketing
Sensible journalism
Indomitable Seville